Find the best local music stores in Chicago, Sant Antonio, Nashville, Memphis, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas..

  • Dave’s Guitar Shop – La Crosse

One of the reference stores in the world of the guitar. Not only because of the incredible catalog they have of guitars and vintage effects, but also because they offer excellent customer service. The main problem is that it is somewhat far from the most tourist routes. It will surely be worth it to deviate a bit from your route!


  • Elderly – Lansing

Along with Dave’s, another of those stores that stand out for vintage and are among the most recognized in the country. They also sell online, so there’s no excuse for not checking out their catalog.

1100 North Washington
Lansing, MI, 48906 US

  • Gruhn – Nashville

Nashville, the epicenter of country music in the country could not help but have one of the best instrument stores on the planet. Gruhn guitars is one of the classics that appear in all the listings. George Gruhn, its owner, presumes to know more than anyone about guitars. Do you want to prove it?

2120 8th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204

  • 30th Street Guitars – NYC

Another city that could not miss is NYC. New York is one of the cultural centers of the world and its musical scene is extraordinary. Well, when you visit 30th Street Guitars you understand part of why. A store with an incredible selection of guitars and pedals, which also offers other services such as repairs, etc. It is worth visiting because it is also located in Chelsea, one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in the city.

236 W 30th St
(between 7th Ave and Fashion Ave)
New York, NY 10001

  • Rainbow Guitars – Tucson

Rainbow is the best store in Arizona. If you pass by, you will surely find time to get close to this huge store located in Tucson and that has a large catalog of all kinds of instruments.

2550 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719

  • The Guitar Works – Chicago

Located in a suburb north of Chicago, this store is a must if you pass through Chicago, one of my favorite cities. No hassles, in this store you can try and try for hours without feeling the pressure of the sellers. Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Albini or Urge Overkill can not be wrong.

709 Main Street
Evanston, Ill.

  • Real Guitars – San Francisco

Unlike most reference stores, this is located in SOMA, a fashionable area in San Francisco where clubs, studios and bars accumulate. A delight to walk through this classic vintage store and watch authentic classics like the Gibson ES-335, Les Pauls, etc. Something we can not do often in these parts.

Lafayette Street
San Francisco, CA

  • Chicago Music Exchange – Chicago

One of the most hidden surprises in Chicago. Located in a neighborhood, northwest of the city (20 min from the center), this two-storey store has an overwhelming stock of guitars. In addition, it also has a good assortment of pedals, some of them difficult to find like the Moog MF-104 that let me try.

3316 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Ill.


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