Ambidextrous Drummer

I'm a 24 year-old musician from Barcelona with experience in tours/studio/session works with different bands.

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Fuondation: Jan-2008


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22 June 2017 adquirido!

5 May 2017

Después de un año de trabajo estreno el proyecto Local Music!


pop punk - Pere - 2 July 2017



drummers - jordi - 8 June 2017


I was Suzy & los Quattro drummer for nearly two years (2013-2014), a Spanish band with 12 years of trajectory that have toured over all Europe and Japan.

In 2014, I played in two different bands. The former is called Avida Dollars, they have 3 CDs on the marked and we have toured over Spain.

The latter is Trece Días, with 1 CD. At the beginning of 2015, I played in Embersland and in 2016 with Holiday Romance . With all these years I also played more than 60 shows and I've been in other bands too, like Next Day, 69 Days, Sunrise and Mistake.

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